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    • The first ever fully seam sealed waterproof SPD compatible Sneaker. After countless hours of research and development, the H20 was born. The best choice for rain soaked commutes or trail rides. The H20 guarantees that you arrive at your destination with dry and happy feet. Wrapped with DWR treated supple sheepskin leather which is soft to the touch and conforms well to the user. Featuring a stiffer nylon shank and gum rubber traction outsole, the H20 provides excellent power transfer and grip without sacrificing style.

      Sex: Unisex

      Size Range: 37-47

    • CO-MOLDED POWER PLATE: Metal reinforced Nylon shank for those who like to mash on their pedals and put their cleats to the test.
      ELASTIC LACE CATCH: Keeps your laces tucked away from getting caught in your chain-ring.
      FULL GRAIN LEATHER: Full grain leather is used for its unrivaled strength and vigor.
      H20 Hydro Barrier: A fully seam sealed waterproof membrane which is sandwiched between moisture wicking mesh to provides total protection. Keeping water out from under the shoe and the open cleat window and keeping your feet happy and dry.
      LINK TRACTION OUTSOLE: An engineered tread geometry that allows for traction and durability yet still maintains that casual style.
      REFLECTIVE HEEL BADGE: A highly visible 600 luminosity reflective badge sewn into the heel for rear visibility.
    • TheChainlink.org - My bicycle commuting philosophy can be summarized into two succinct bullet points:

      * LOOK OUT

      * CHILL OUT

      My general MO is to disengage from the mania around me as much as possible and smoothly roll into my day unscathed and unharried (within reason, this is Chicago). Along with this philosophy, I choose to get around in my regular clothes at a medium-to-slow rate and leave the racing and sweating to the spandex clad hours. I generally carry 20 lbs of school books and lunch and what not, so that also keeps my commuting pace “classy”.

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      Cycling About - 10 Stylish SPD Cycling Shoes Which Look Casual, Not Sporty

      The DZR H20 has got to be one of the best-looking shoes on this list. They are fully seam sealed, making them waterproof, and they’re finished with a sheepskin leather (definitely not vegan). One thing I’ve noticed with waterproof shoes is that they tend to ventilate poorly, so make sure you’re only using the H2O in cooler temperatures!...

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      Gearminded - Holiday 2015 Gearminded Shoe Guide

      The all-new DZR H2O unites dirt riders, commuters and gravel riders with its dynamic range of use and discipline across the pavement and trail. This new commuter friendly shoe starts with a new fully waterproof seamed sheepskin outer shell. One of the reasons why this shoe has worked so well for us can be attributed to its DWR coated supple leather that keeps our feet dry on morning rides into the office...

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      The Radavist - DZR Introduces their Seam Sealed Waterproof SPD Sneaker

      It’s that time of year… Designed for wet weather commutes or trail rides, these new H2o sneakers from DZR merge the functionality of an SPD cycling shoe with the simplicity of a lace up sneaker. The H2o is vailable now in sizes from 37-47 and in a jet black silhouette. Check out more details below or check stock at DZR...

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      Bike Rumor - DZR Updates H20 Waterproof Shoes

      There’s only a few points of contact between you and your bike, so it’s always wise to make sure your hands, butt and feet are comfortably protected, coddled or cushioned. In this article, let’s go to the ground level and talk about two new products aimed at keeping your feet happy.

      For wet weather riders, DZR has updated their casually styled waterproof H20 shoe with a stiffer shank and several layers of defense against unwanted moisture. We’ll also check out DeFeet’s new artist series socks featuring designs inspired by the individuals, brands or groups that collaborate with DeFeet. Click past the break to get to the heart and sole of these products…

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      Bike Rumor - DZR Updates H20 Waterproof Shoes

      Wrapped with DWR treated supple sheepskin leather that’s soft to the touch, these $169 shoes feature a stiff metal-reinforced nylon shank and gum rubber traction outsole. Bay Area-based shoe maker DZR has a new offering that will keep you dry (and looking cool) during your next rainy commute. Meet the DZR H2O, a fully seam sealed waterproof SPD compatible sneaker. Wrapped with DWR treated supple sheepskin leather that’s soft to the touch, these $169 shoes feature a stiff metal-reinforced nylon shank and gum rubber traction outsole, meaning efficient power transfer to the pedals and good grip when off the bike or riding with flat pedals.

      -Read full article on Road Bike Review - November 2015

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Type: Unisex Shoes

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