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Simply put, DZR was born out of a passion for a life of riding – on city streets and mountain trails and anywhere else you can get two wheels.  Which we think is pretty much everywhere.  We have lived and ridden in many places and it is from this nomadic lifestyle that the concept of our shoes was born. Changing environments require a cycling sneaker to be a true shape shifter in order to charge everywhere.

Born in the Swiss Alps and rooted in San Francisco, CA.  DZR provides well thought out footwear for life on and off the bike. In fact, we believe that a cyclist's life should be a seamless transition from work, commute, bar, trail, home or anywhere you end up. It is with this spirit of cycling and the drive to bring the best product to market that DZR exists - enjoy the ride.



DZR STREET COLLECTION embodies the spirit of riding in the city without limitations and provides purpose driven style that is unmatched. UTILITY, PERFORMANCE, AND DESIGN embodies the design principles of DZR STREET SHOES.

The STREET COLLECTION PUSHES the limit of what a traditional biking shoe should look and feel like. Clipless performance anytime and anywhere thanks to a VARIABLE FLEX SHANK which transfers power while on the bike yet comfortable and flexible when walking.

The days of awkward duck walking and annoying clicking sounds are over.  It’s with this no nonsense approach that allows a seamless transition of daily life on and off the bike without lacking comfort, durability and modern style.

DZR STREET SHOES are your urban solution for harmonious bicycle commuting.



DZR DIRT COLLECTION was built from the ground up with meticulous attention to function and utility.  The DESIGN APPROACH is focused on providing stronger materials and thicker padding which results in better support.   The upper is wrapped with an aggressive sole to provide superior traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

We knew that just building the strongest shoe to survive the harshest conditions was not enough.  We built the DIRT LINE to be responsive with a full shank for maximum power transfer and a molded heel cup for added protection.

DZR DIRT COLLECTION  is built with purpose to allow riders to continue to push the boundaries. 



Designing performance footwear is a strategic process that involves sourcing and utilizing advanced materials and hardware, managing manufacturing to ensure the top quality and ultimately the never ending quest to bring the best possible product to market.

Technology has many granular nuances that may be glazed over by some yet for others it what makes them adore a product.  The design team has over thought the smallest details, tested, tweaked and ultimately pushed personal limits in order to provide the best cycling sneaker on the market, period.

DZR makes product with purpose in order for cyclist to have the ultimate experience when they ride in the city and in dirt.


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Size Chart

DZR Shoe Size Chart

EU Sizes 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
US Womens 5.5-6 6.5-7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 - - - - - -
US Mens - - 5.5-6 6.5-7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11.5-12 12.5-13 13.5-14
Disclaimer: sizing is not exact. Half sizes, size up.  Any questions on size, please write toinfo@dzrshoes.com