The White is the latest addition to the DZR Street Collection. A true statement piece which we went back to the basics with this clean and simple all white SPD Compatible Sneaker. Made with a combination of textiles and synthetics, the White is fully Vegan. Featuring Variable Flex Shank Technology, a reflective heel badge, natural gum rubber sole and elastic lace catch to keep laces away from your bike chain.

Sex: Men's

Size Range: 41-47



ELASTIC LACE CATCH: Keeps your laces tucked away from getting caught in your chain-ring.
NATURAL GUM RUBBER: Natural rubber is sticky, durable and provides optimum grip on a variety of surfaces.
REFLECTIVE HEEL BADGE: A highly visible 600 luminosity reflective badge sewn into the heel for rear visibility.
VARIABLE FLEX SHANK:DZR's feature technology A full-length nylon mid-sole/shank designed with strategically mapped stiffness for a combination of power transfer while pedaling and flexibility for walking.
VEGAN:Keeping animals happy, one shoe at a time.
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