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  • Historically, sneakers have been a mark of our tribe, a product of our time, an outward reflection of context and culture. More than anything though, they can be beautiful works of art. The Mechanic, with it’s perforated vegan toe cap and ballistic nylon side panels makes for an unassuming California deck shoe with authentic classic status.

    Sex: Men's

    Size Range: EU 37-47

  • NATURAL GUM RUBBER: Natural rubber is sticky, durable and provides optimum grip on a variety of surfaces.
    VARIABLE FLEX SHANK:DZR's feature technology A full-length nylon mid-sole/shank designed with strategically mapped stiffness for a combination of power transfer while pedaling and flexibility for walking.
    VEGAN:Keeping animals happy, one shoe at a time.
  • Bicycle Times - Review: DZR Mechanic Shoes

    I love a classic sneaker. When Converse finally started making shoes that had decent footbeds and a modicum of arch support, I snapped up a few pairs. But as cool as they look when hanging out at the local brewery, they are terrible as cycling footwear. Enter the DZR Mechanic, an SPD-compatible casual shoe...

    - Read full article on Bicycle Times - December 2015


    Uber Apparatus - Best of Breed

    If you’ve been waiting for a pair of shoes that you can use with your clipless pedals but that don’t necessary look like “biking shoes”, then this is the shoe you seek. The DZR Mechanic [$99] is a shoe that effortlessly goes from commuting duty to office duty. The Mechanic, with it’s perforated vegan toe cap and ballistic nylon side panels makes for an unassuming California deck shoe with authentic classic status...

    - Read full article on Uber Apparatus - December 2015


    Bike Shop Girl - Review: DZR Mechanic Shoes

    I previewed these shoes last month and I have been able to spend a good amount of time riding in them but more importantly I’ve spent several hours on cement floors turning wrenches with these on my feet. Any shoe that is named mechanic should be comfortable for a full days worth of work and the DZR held up to that standard.....

    - Read full article on Bike Shop Girl - July 2015


    Engearment - The DZR Mechanic Fills the Gap Between Work and Ride

    Building a shoe that can effortlessly cross from commuting duty to office duty is a difficult task. You have polar opposite interests competing for inclusion. On the one hand, you need the shoes to be stiff to transfer energy to the cranks. On the other, you want shoes that provide all-day comfort and look stylish in an office setting. At Engearment, we toss another wrench in there by using standing desks. So, not only do shoes have to be comfortable enough to wear all day – you have to be able to stand in them all day, too. Enter the DZR Mechanic. ...

    - Read full article on Engearment - June 2015


    WashCycle - Product Review: The "Mechanic" Shoe

    For some time now, I've wanted a shoe that I can use with my clipless pedals but that wouldn't necessary look like "biking shoes." I recently got a chance to try out a pair of DZR Shoes most recent release the "Mechanic" and I like them a lot.

    Because the pedal attachment goes into a small recessed part of the shoe (you can remove a part to expose this or leave the bottom flush), I was worried it wouldn't work with my frog pedals, but I'm glad to say that wasn't an issue. You might have trouble with Look-style pedals though. ...

    - Read full article on WashCycle - June 2015


    Men's Journal - The Commuter Bike Shoes You'll Want to Wear Off the Bike

    What It Is: A thoroughly modern urban sneaker that is SPD-compatible but doesn't look it.

    Why We Like It: Commuter bike geeks are kind of obsessed with footwear (trust us). If you ride regularly, clipless pedals and compatible shoes are a necessity, but that almost always means having to carry a "regular" pair to change into once you get to the office. There are some bike shoes out there that claim to be wearable all day, but we usually find them to be either too casual and sneaker-like or still too technical looking. The DZR Mechanics split the difference superbly....

    - Read full article on Mens journal - June 2015


    Adventure Cycling Association - Geared Up: Mid-Summer Picks

    One of the benefits of cycling’s increased popularity is that products designed for cyclists become more numerous. Take shoes. I remember when there were very few options, but now that's changed. DRZ makes a bunch of styles and one is the Mechanic, basically a casual sneaker-style shoe that is comfortable in many environments. While it looks like a non-cycling shoe, it behaves like a cyclist would expect. It provides a stiff platform through DZR's variable flex shank so your toes and sole don't flex too much, which causes fatigue. It's SPD compatible but performs just as well on flat pedals ...

    - Read full article on Adventure Cycling Association - June 2015


    Vouch - The DZR “Mechanic” All Natural Riding Sneaker

    The DZR Street Collection pushes the limit of what a traditional biking shoe should look and feel like and features clipless performance anytime and anywhere thanks to a Variable Flex Shank which transfers power while on the bike yet comfortable and flexible when walking. The days of awkward duck walking and annoying clicking sounds are over. It’s with this no nonsense approach that allows a seamless transition of daily life on and off the bike without lacking comfort, durability and modern style...

    - Read full article on Vouch - April 2015


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DZR Shoe Size Chart

EU Sizes 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
US Womens 5.5-6 6.5-7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 - - - - - -
US Mens - - 5.5-6 6.5-7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11.5-12 12.5-13 13.5-14
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