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ASYMMETRICAL PROTECTION: A flexible materials offering comfort, cushioning, shock absorption and protection. Strategically placed on the lateral side of the high top, the protection covers the ankle bone from mallet strike yet allowing for a low profile construction on the medial side of the shoe to avoid crank rub.
CO-MOLDED POWER PLATE: Metal reinforced Nylon shank for those who like to mash on their pedals and put their cleats to the test.
ELASTIC LACE CATCH: Keeps your laces tucked away from getting caught in your chain-ring.
FIBERGLASS REINFORCED POWER PLATE: Nylon 6 and Composite Fiber, widely used in the aviation industry, is stiff, lightweight, strong, and weather-resistant.  In our power plate, it gives a rider the optimal support, power, and efficiency for a professional ride.
FULL GRAIN LEATHER: Full grain leather is used for its unrivaled strength and vigor.
H20 Hydro Barrier: A fully seam sealed waterproof membrane which is sandwiched between moisture wicking mesh to provides total protection. Keeping water out from under the shoe and the open cleat window and keeping your feet happy and dry.
LINK TRACTION OUTSOLE: An engineered tread geometry that allows for traction and durability yet still maintains that casual style.
NATURAL GUM RUBBER:Natural rubber is sticky, durable and provides optimum grip on a variety of surfaces.
POWER STRAP: A double back cinch strap you will allow you to adjust the tightening easily and quickly without unlacing and lacing. Allows for better holding power and makes securing crank catching laces ends easy.
REFLECTIVE HEEL BADGE: A highly visible 600   luminosity reflective badge sewn into the heel for rear visibility.
SAP RUBBER: Sticky rubber has been an ongoing development for years. Here in cycling we strive to find the right rubber compounds to satisfy the needs of pedal traction, durability and foot position adjustability. We have been perfecting the balance to provide performance in the most demanding conditions.
STABILITY UPPER: Featuring a padded upper and robust power strap for a support that cradles the foot and offers a more secure fit.
VARIABLE FLEX SHANK: DZR's feature technology A full-length nylon mid-sole/shank designed with strategically mapped stiffness for a combination of power transfer while pedaling and flexibility for walking.
VEGAN: Keeping animals happy, one shoe at a time.

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