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Bike Polo Newbie Night

March 15, 2017

Have you ever thought of trying Bike Polo? Intimidated by the loud and slightly inebriated patrons of your late night tennis courts? It’s intimidating to break into a new sport and even more so into this obscure and challenging sport of Hard Court Bike Polo. Despite the warm welcomes and honestly encouraging words, you’re never sure if you could be one of them, the obsessive passion, the rooted camaraderie of players who clearly know way too much about each other and surprisingly the introverted nature of those very same people. 
  6 years ago I moved to San Francisco and was searching online for things to do on my bike. At the time I was on a fix gear, (we all remember those days), and I stumbled across a page about polo.  I found out where they played and went to see what it was all about. I watched in fascination and awe at these agile riders, able to both turn on a dime and wield a polo mallet with ease. They sped from end to end narrowly missing cataclysmic collisions. The intimidation level was high to say the least. I didn't try that night.  But I regretted it for 6 years and 2 cities later before I was back in SF and was determined to attend a newbie night. That first scrimmage was the best decision I've ever made.

If you’ve ever thought about getting started checkout your local newbie night or see if there is one already there. Click on the listings below for more information.


Davis, CA Sundays 12pm West Manor Park
Oakland, CA Tuesdays 8pm Athol Plaza
San Jose, CA Wednesday 7pm Shark Park
San Francisco, CA Wednesday 7pm Dolores Park
Santa Cruz, CA Sundays 2pm Mike Fox Park
Las Vegas, NV Tuesdays 8pm Desert Breeze Park  
Salt Lake City, UT Tuesdays 7pm Location Changes Weekly
Milwaukee, WI Sundays 12pm Washington Park
Austin, TX Tuesdays 7pm Metz Park  
Boston, MA Wednesdays 6pm Smith Playground
Atlanta, GA Thursdays 8p Walker Park
Grand rapids, MI Thursdays 7pm Belknap Park 
Washington, D.C. Wednesdays 7pm Rush Rink 
Seattle, WA Fridays 12pm Judikins Park 
Denver, CO Tuesdays 6pm
Location C hanges Weekly
Saskatoon, Canada Tuesdays 6pm Optimist Park 
Milano, Italy Wednesday 9pm Leancavallo Space 
Beragamo, Italy Tuesdays 9pm Rosolino Pilo 

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Pedal Comparison

March 14, 2017

At some point in your bike-riding life, you’ll be climbing a steep hill, or hopping over a pothole, or hitting the road with a faster crew, thinking to yourself, “What is it I’m doing wrong? Why can’t I keep up?”

85% of it is your legs. Ride more, push harder, challenge yourself. You’ll get faster, more skillful.  For that last 15% though, your equipment has to be up to snuff. And 10% of that equipment is going to be your pedals. Are they clipless?  If not, that right there is going to be the extra ‘umph’ you need to beast over that hill, hop over that obstacle, and keep up with your friends and rivals.  If you don’t believe me, try it! My hand to god, if you get back and tell me I’m wrong, I’ll eat my shoes.

“But Maaarrrk, I want to just ride my bike around and not have to wear those silly shoes that I see all the srs bikers clicking and clacking around in all damn day!”  Well, duh, you’re on the DZR blog! That’s what these shoes do best! I work on my feet in these sumbitches all day long, and forget I’m even wearing bike shoes until I hop on and ride.

When it comes to clipless pedals, there are a slew of choices; enough to make your head spin if you don’t know exactly what you want.  That’s why DZR has tasked me with breaking down the three most common pedals you’ll encounter:...

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New Products – DZR Minna LTD Shoes, Showers Pass SS Henley Baselayer and Adidas Zonyk Pro Sunglasses | The MTB Lab
New Products – DZR Minna LTD Shoes, Showers Pass SS Henley Baselayer and Adidas Zonyk Pro Sunglasses | The MTB Lab

March 14, 2017

DZR has the two new Limited Edition shoes the Minna Mist and Minna Cadet, while Showers Pass is releasing the short sleeve Bamboo-Merino Henley base layer shirt, and Adidas has their Zonyk Pro Sunglasses in new colorways and LST/VARiO lenses.

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March 14, 2017

DZR dropped some limited edition colorways of their Minna shoes. The tones on these are legit.
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